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Tianjin medical college, the only medical college in Tianjin,also the only medical junior college of 100 National Model Higher Vocational Colleges in China, was established in 1908. TMC is one of the "National Demonstration" Higher Vocational Colleges in China.At the end of 2019, TMC was rated as a "High-level Vocational Colleges with Chinese Characteristics and Major Construction Plan”.It is the only health college in the"Double High Plan".It is located in the Liulin scenic area of Hexi District in Tianjin with the beautiful environment and the convenient traffic. It offers 19 majors programs, such as nursing, now has an enrollment of more than 7,400 students from the whole nation, and remains the above 98% of the employment rate.TMC has the college graduates in 30 provinces and cities and sends a large number of outstanding talents to the development of medical and health care in China.

Through over the one century construction, at present, TMC has 6 departments, namely, department of Nursing, department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medical Inspection Technology, department of Clinical Medicine, department of Stomatology, department of Medical Technology and department of Public Health and Health Management, and 2 teaching departments, namely, department of Basic Medical Sciences and Faculty of Foundation Education. In addition, it has 5 affiliated hospitals and more than 170 off-campus practical training bases countrywide. The faculty strength is abundant with a good team of full- time and part-time teachers, such as 4 Municipal Outstanding Teaching Groups, 3 Municipal Celebrated Teachers, 1 National education advanced individuals and 3 experts who take the special government allowance.

TMC has been giving top priority to improving the quality of talent training in the process of development, enhances the quality of the students comprehensively, by closely relies on and cooperates with the medical industry and highlights the“professionalism, openness and practicality”of vocational education.In recent years, TMC has won 3 second prizes for Teaching Achievement Award of National Level, 5 first prizes forTeaching Achievement Award of Provincial or Ministry Level. Besides, it leads the construction project ofTeaching Resources Bank for NationalAdvancedProfessionalEducationPharmaceuticalPreparation Technologyand Nursing Specialties andhas 9 National Excellent Courses.

TMC isGeneralSecretaryInstitution ofTeachingGuidanceCommittee forNationalHealthVocationalEducation,LeadingInstitution ofHigherVocationalMedicalEducationCommittee forSociety ofMedicalEducation of Chinese Medical Association andLeadingInstitution ofHigherVocationalEducationLibrary andInformationServiceCommittee underGuidance of Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, it is theNationalTrainingBasefor TheMost-wantedSkill-orientedNursingProfessionals, the firstNationalTrainingBase forExaminers ofMedicalLicensePracticalSkillsTest,NationalTestBase for thePracticalSkills ofPracticingPhysicians andProfessionalSkillAssessmentStation of Tianjin health industry.TMC has exerted a positive influence by offering constant services for national and local medical and health cause, and makes a good effort to provided personnel support and intelligence guarantee for the industrial structure adjustment and the development of health work of Tianjin and countrywide.

Inheriting the culture with a history of over a hundred years, TMC will make every effort to realize“Higher Medical Education that meets people’s satisfaction”and make further contribution to cultivating more medical professionals and serving the society, thus creating the glory of the new century. TMC, in the new epoch, is striving to build a leading and world-class higher vocational education brand, attach importance to the unique characteristics of medical professional education and vigorously strengthen the building of College Culture on the basis of its history and innovation.